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Picasso Lilacs 68'

Picasso Lilacs 68'

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<b>From the archives of Picasso's erotic gravures.</b>

"Picasso has often likened the production of an artist to the keeping of a personal diary. In his case, the "diary" has been the most powerful, prolific, and astonishing of this or any other century. The latest chapter is particularly astonishing, and particularly joyful -a collection of erotic gravures, or engravings, done in a concentrated burst of creativity from March 16th to October 5th, 1968. The collection is Picasso's own tribute to the lusty pleasures of Eros: a superb affirmation of sexuality as the renascent force in life and in art. The engravings are uniquely Picasso, in their dazzling variety and awesome technical skill; and Picasso at his wittiest, most personal, and most flamboyant.

"Art is never chaste," Picasso remarked once. And erotica, as subject matter, is certainly nothing new to Picasso; in a larger sense, all of his work can properly be considered erotic. The sensual man is indivisible from the artist; Picasso's amorous adventures are almost as famous as his art. And his work is "profoundly autobiographical," as his dealer, Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, describes it. "Writing the name of his beloved on his pictures; he has never done anything else.""

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