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Les Vampires

Les Vampires

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<b>“Who? What? When?”</b>

 The calling card of the cold, mysterious and calculating Irma Vep, legendary criminal and thief. This poster was used to announce the arrival of Louis Feuillade’s crime serial, Les Vampires. An absolute critical failure upon its release, Les Vampires was championed by the surrealists and eventually critics came around. The poster speaks for itself.

<b>From Kino:</b>
After the success of his Fant (Mas films, French director Louis Feuillade attempted to create the ultimate espionage serial, a ten episode, seven hour epic called Les Vampires. Douard Mathé stars as Philippe Guerande, a crime-fighting journalist who attempts to penetrate the international ring of thieves known as the Vampires. Among the most fascinating of these sophisticated thieves and assassins is Irma Vep (Musidora), a black-clad seductress whose name is an anagram for "Vampre" and who endures today as an icon of European cinema. At times gruesome, fantastic, and romantic, Les Vampires was a spectacular accomplishment that influenced filmmakers for generations.

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