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Ashes & Diamonds - Wadja

Ashes & Diamonds - Wadja

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<b>One of the most remarkable shots of Polish cinema.</b>

A decisively important Polish film, one that marks a place in post WW2 culture. Political and both human at the same time. The mark of decision. Wildly influential for generations to come.

<b>From Janus Films & Criterion:</b>

A milestone of Polish cinema, this electrifying international sensation by Andrzej Wajda—the final film in his celebrated war trilogy—entwines the story of one man’s moral crisis with the fate of a nation. In a small Polish town on the final day of World War II, Maciek (the coolly charismatic Zbigniew Cybulski), a fighter in the underground anti-Communist resistance movement, has orders to assassinate an incoming commissar. But when he meets and falls for a young barmaid (Ewa Krzyżewska), he begins to question his commitment to a cause that requires him to risk his life. Ashes and Diamonds’ lustrous monochrome cinematography—wreathed in shadows, smoke, and fog—and spectacularly choreographed set pieces lend a breathtaking visual dynamism to this urgent, incendiary vision of a country at a crossroads in its struggle for self-determination.
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