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Alwyn Scott Turner - Moondog Portrait

Alwyn Scott Turner - Moondog Portrait

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<b>Scanned from Avant Garde Magazine issue 13: Portraits Of The American People. A Monumental Portfolio Of Photographs</b>

A portrait of the incredibly fascinating and genius street performer & composer, Moondog. Alwyn Scott Turner's portraits are remarkably sincere, showing the soul of the subject. I was thrilled to find this in isse 13 of Avant-Garde. I highly recommend picking the magazines up if you see them.

<b>From the issue:</b>

"Most photographers are interested in the bizarre, the off-beat, the unpredictable," says Alwyn Scott Turner. "But for me the most fascinating subject is also the most obvious: the American people." And photographing them has been a 25-year obsession for Turner. Starting when he was a boy in Texas, then as a photojournalist in Detroit, and finally as a perpetual vagabond, Turner has crossed and criss-crossed the breadth says Turner, "and I'm not tired of my subject yet." Two months ago, Turner walked into the offices of Avant-Garde, deposited 2,000 of his most recent pictures, and invited us to devote an entire issue to publishing the best of them. After looking them over, we decided it wasn't a bad idea. Turner's picture reveal not only glimpses of the lives of his subjects but also of his own. The Texas farmer who posed for him is a man for whom he used to pick cotton. The Detroit assembly-line worker is a man his father worked beside. And the mother and child seated before a typical American house are Turner's own wife and daughter. "When you ask someone to pose for a picture," says Turner, "they reveal themselves more completely than at any other time. Their pride, aspirations, longings, and anxieties become immediately apparent." The editors of Avant-Garde agree, and is presenting the photographs of Alwyn Scott Turner believe that they are preserving a view of not only the faces and features of the American people, but also their souls.

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